Unique Funeral Arrangements by Carter Funeral Home, Denbigh Chapel in Newport News, Virginia

A funeral or memorial service is an event. No matter how elaborate or simple the event may be prepared, it still should be well ordered, so that each person attending the service is treated with respect and courtesy.
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The time allotted for friends and family to arrive at the place of service should be planned considering distances traveled, and time for preparation. The accommodations for out of town guests should be well arranged comfortable, and reasonably priced. Air Bereaved Fares should be obtained if possible.
The number of guest who will ride in the family cars should be ascertained before limousines or other vehicles are ordered.
Police and other security personnel appropriate for the occasion should be coordinated with City or County officials.
Floral tributes, if desired, should also be coordinated in design and color, if provided by the family, and floral deliveries should be arranged in a timely manner.

Time should be allowed for preparation of video presentation, and the multimedia elements should also be tastefully conceived and edited.

The Funeral Service Programs and should be coordinated with the officiating clergy and prepared for the printer with time allowed for correction of proofs.

Military personnel should be arranged for, and sufficient time should be allowed for Arlington National Cemetery internment if desired.
Arrangements for translators or sign language presenters should be considered if foreign language speakers or hearing impaired are to be accommodated.

Lodge, fraternity, or sorority services should be provided if appropriate, and dressing rooms and equipment for members and officials should be arranged for.
A funeral service is a one-time event. Perfection in each detail will result in a satisfying memory picture that will last each participant a lifetime.

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