A Brief History of Carter Funeral Home, Denbigh Chapel in Newport News, Virginia


Maintaining the Tradition of Excellence

Carter Funeral Home, Denbigh Chapel was established in 1932 by G. Nelson Carter in a small farm house in Gloucester County Virginia. It was there that the Rev. Fred Carter was born in 1944.

“My first memories are of reaching up as high as I could to touch the soft silken lining of a casket which was higher than my head. I never wanted to do anything else than to be a Funeral Director. I sat in the corner as a child and watched my father prepare deceased persons to make them ready for services, and we often talked about the importance of an appropriate funeral service to the families and the community that we served.”
Rev. Carter completed High School in Gloucester and after attending Temple University graduated in 1967, second in a class of 125 students from the American Academy - McAllister Institute of Funeral Service in New York City where he taught Chemistry. It was there that Rev. Carter received the AAMI Faculty Award for Proficiency in Mortuary Arts and Science, their highest honor.
In 1975 Carter Funeral Home opened an office in Williamsburg, Virginia and later in 1986 designed and built Carter Funeral Home, Denbigh Chapel, the modern funeral chapel that it now it currently occupies at 251 Richneck Road, Newport News.
Carter Funeral Home, Denbigh Chapel has a reputation for excellent restorative art. We use the most modern and creative application of chemistry and cosmetics such that families often come from the viewing thanking us for eliminating the appearance of pain and suffering that had been their last memory of their loved one, and restoring them to the appearance of peaceful and beautiful repose. We have a huge selection of caskets and cremation urns. Our florists are exceptionally creative and talented. Every detail of funeral service is attended to professionally. We are not the least expensive funeral firm, but we are excellent at what we do, and our charges are reasonable given the high standards that our clients set, and that we meet. As in many aspects of life, “you get what you pay for.”
Rev. Carter has served on the Virginia Board of Funeral Directors, and the National Conference of Funeral Service Examiners. Rev. Carter was a principal author of the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Service Rule, the national law that governs all aspects and standards of the profession. He also has served as the President of the Virginia Morticians Association, and was “Mortician of the Year,” in 1976.
Rev. Carter’s wife, Elizabeth, his companion for 52 years, is also a principal in Carter Funeral Home, Denbigh Chapel. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the John Tyler College in Funeral Service and is a licensed Funeral Service professional as well. Please contact her for all your pre-need funeral planning! In addition, Elizabeth is a notary public at large for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and is an excellent grief counselor. She is always ready with an open heart and kind ear to aid in helping you navigate the process of helping you plan the perfect funeral service.
Frederick R. Carter, President
Carter Funeral Home, Inc.
Elizabeth L. Carter
Pre-need and Insurance Manager